Game + Virtual World Environment - Educational game

O4/A1: System Architecture and Implementation Plan – KTU (LT)

O4/A2: Server configured and Software installed – KTU (LT)

O4/A3: Virtual Management Webpage – KTU (LT)

O4/A4: First version of Virtual World without Learning Material – KTU (LT)

O4/A5: Draft Virtual World with all educational content, infrastructure and learning material Integrated – KTU (LT)

O4/A6: Completed version of Virtual World, ready for pilot testing – KTU (LT)

O4/A7: Final Version of the Virtual World – KTU (LT)

Game 1 – Influence of the pollution on the health and quality of life – CPIP (RO)

Game 2 – Transport pollution- KAS (PL)

Game 3 – Industrial pollution – CN (CZ)

Game 4 – Low-stack emission – DIPGRA (ES)

Game 5 – Environment protection campaign – NewEdu (SK)

Game 6 – Summary evaluation module content – ARID (PL)


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